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Increase sales through Triggerbee's data driven customer insights. Identify leads and use automation's to accelerate your growth.



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Visitor and Customer Insights

Real-time insights of visitor's behaviour.
Identify visitors and understand what they're interested in. With Triggerbee you gain access to real-time observations about your website visitors behaviour.



Capture Leads and Identify Prospects

Grow your business and revenue.
Triggerbee Widgets are a powerful way to capture visitors who are about to leave, listen to existing forms or direct users to another page. Integrate with apps like Pipedrive or Mailchimp to act quickly on new business opportunities.



Better e-mail Marketing.

E-mail lets you own the entire customer journey, from the first visit to a closed deal.
The reach on social media is only around 2% of your target audience unless you want to pay. E-mail lets you reach over 98%.
Connect your current email service with Triggerbee to send out campaigns with unique content, tailored to the interests of each unique subscriber. 

Triggerbee Smart Engine helps you to grow your e-mail list and capture new leads. 



Optimized for eCommerce

Retrieve abandoned shopping carts.
68.81% of online customers never make it to the check-out page. Retrieve abandoned shopping carts by sending your visitors an email reminding them of what they left behind.

Work smarter, not harder. 
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Stronger Native Advertising

Create better content and strengthen your offer towards advertisers and partners.
Marketing automation and big data is the next frontier for media outlets and publishers who want a competitive advantage.

70% of consumers prefer to discover new products through content, and the media business is predicting that native advertising is going to be responsible for over 80% of digital revenue within 3 years. 

With features geared towards strengthening your content, Triggerbee is helping companies like Bonnier, IDG and AlmaTalent to develop and increase their digital revenue.



Personalize Your Website

Customize your website content based on the interests and behaviour of your visitors.
Use the data Triggerbee gathers about your visitors to personalize your core message and content on your website.

Today, 72% of all internet users expect at least some degree of personalization. Triggerbee makes it easy to do so based on where in the customer journey your visitors or leads are.



Send Leads Straight to Sales

Follow up on business opportunities while they're still hot.
Triggerbee identifies companies and subscribers who are visiting your website in real-time. Regardless if you're chasing calls or if you need to schedule reports, you are just a few clicks away.

Triggerbee let us work with our choice of email marketing platform and our choice of CRM. The cost of Triggerbee paid off in the first month.
Emil Robertsson
Triggerbee is one of my favourite finds this year. I consider Triggerbee a "Must-have" for any B2B marketer serious about gaining more insight into their online users.
Raiha Buchanan
Digital Marketing Manager
House of Radon

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