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Identify visitors and personalise your marketing.

Identify and convert visitors to lifelong customers with Triggerbee. Create unique user profiles and display your message based on visitor interest in real time. Finally, you can personalise your marketing in a way that wasn't previously possible. Best of all? You don't need any help from IT or your web developers.  





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Only show your popups when your visitors are most engaged. Using Triggerbee's Smart Engine you can trace the mouse pointer movement pattern, velocity and position to display your message just when a visitor is about to leave your website, or based on a certain content topic. 

You decide, but Smart Engine just makes it a little bit simpler and smarter.

Segment and Personalize

77% of your visitors will be annoyed when they get an advertisement that isn't based on their interest. That's why you need to display different messages based on where they are from and what you show them.

Getting a lot of traffic from Adwords? Create a popup that is only displayed to that traffic.

Do you want to give an offer to people in a specific email list? Send out an email and display a popup to only those who come to the site from your email.

Our customers see a noticeably higher conversion rate when they customise their popups based on their visitor's interests and behaviour.



You control the looks

If something looks like it doesn't belong on your site it will just be wrong. That's why we want you to customise freely with colours, background graphics and logotypes to make it look as integrated as possible. 


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