Can I hide or exclude my own or my colleagues visits?


There’s 2 ways you can do this.

  1. You can hide any visits from a specific IP-address.

  2. You can put a label on specific visitors, and exclude all visitors with that specific label.

Option 1: Hide visitors by IP-address:

  1. Copy the IP-address of the visitor you want to hide

  2. Go to the top right cogwheel navigation inside Triggerbee

  3. Go to “Visits & Visitors”

  4. Find “Exclude visitors by IP-address”

  5. Paste the IP-address in the text field

  6. Click Save.

Option 2: Put a label on specific visitors:

  1. Manually find the visitors that you want to put a label on, and give them the label “Coworker”, or “Uninteresting”.

  2. Go to Insights > Visits

  3. Go to “Customize filter” (next to the green “Search” button)

  4. Choose “Labels” and uncheck the label you gave your colleagues in step 1.