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Topics must relate directly to one of the following: 

  • eCommerce marketing
  • Personalization
  • Customer data (collection, analysis, processing)
  • Email marketing
  • Customer communication

...and similar areas within digital marketing. 

Guest posting rules and guidelines

Please read our rules and guidelines to ensure your article fits in perfectly in the Triggerbee blog. If it's good enough we will promote it to a large audience of marketers, communication professionals and CEO's:

  • Original content only 
  • Don't send us content you've recycled 20 times before (we will conduct research pre-publishing).
  • Minimum 1500 words
  • Content should be aimed towards B2C-marketers. Most of our audience are marketers, salespeople, communications professionals and CEO's in small to medium size eCommerce companies.
  • Short intro, max 200 words. 
  • Use headings for each new section, and structure them from H2 - H4. H3 is sub-headings in a section that begins with H2.
  • Post is actionable and educational
  • Include as many images as possible. One image every 500 words at minimum.
  • Back up every claim and statement with research (and links) if possible.
  • You are allowed ONE LINK back to your company. Anything overly promotional will be edited or removed.
  • End post with a short section called "Summary"
  • Send over images in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder.
  • Send over the full post with correct formatting in a Google doc

Writing guidelines

The Triggerbee blog is...

  • Professional but not patronizing 
  • Opinionated but not angry 
  • Humorous but not silly
  • Straight to the point but still clear

Content voice

At Triggerbee, we’ve been where our customers are today, and we know that marketing technology contains a lot of confusing terminologies. 

Our content aims to educate, provide useful and actionable tips, and be a preferred knowledge hub for marketing know-how.

Example posts:​

Writing style

Triggerbee’s writing style is short, punchy and conversational. A-grade grammar is NOT necessary, I mean, we’re not writing scientific reports.  

Small things that matter
We often use “content brigades” to keep our readers to stay longer on the page, and we love to start the first paragraph below a headline, with an answer to the headline.  

Examples of the small things that matter

Content brigades
A short sentence that end in a colon, exclamation mark or question mark. 

Usually comes after a statement, always between paragraphs.

  • Here’s the deal: 
  • First, some words of caution:
  • Here’s why:
  • But wait! 
  • But the best part?
  • Do this instead:
  • Here are a few examples:
  • In other words:

Answering the headline
Only applies if the headline is a question.

Headline: Is Marketing Automation All About ‘Stacks’ In 2019?

First paragraph: Yeah, pretty much.



Short punchy paragraphs
Here’s an example of how we would write an intro to a post about marketing automation (and how we wouldn’t write it):

✖ Don’t write like this:

Wall of text, filler words, emotional play.

Small and medium size businesses need to squeeze every drop of value out of the marketing technology they use. With limited time and resources, or if you’re a single marketer running the show, adhering to marketing automation best practices is key to being a valuable team member.

Nevertheless, many businesses struggle to generate the maximum ROI from their marketing automation software...

✔ Do write like this:

Short and punchy paragraphs, straight to the point, focus on clarity and value.

This is the ultimate guide to marketing automation. 

First, you’ll learn what it is and how it works. 

Then we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how you build a strategy for 2019, how to generate leads, and how to maximize your ROI.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s begin.


The four commandments when writing for Triggerbee

  1. Be plainspoken. Strip away filler content. Focus on clarity and value above all. Businesses use Triggerbee to get results, so we try to avoid distractions like emotional play and “middle-ground” advice. When recommending a strategy, tool, or process, always back it up with relevant statistics, proof and an explanation why it’s good advice.
  2. Be genuine. We relate to our customers challenges, passions and successes. Talk about your own failures and successes just like you would as if you talked to a friend. 
  3. We are translators. Only experts can make what’s difficult look easy, and the mission of our blog is to demystify marketing speak and actually educate in an accessible, friendly way.
  4. We’re not comedians. However, using a little humor can help prove a point.


Triggerbee’s tone is friendly and informal, but it’s always more important to be clear and valuable than entertaining. 

Consider the reader's state of mind: 

  • Are they relieved when they have finished the setup of a marketing campaign? 
  • Are they confused on how to move forward? 
  • Are they frustrated and don’t know where to start?

If being funny comes natural to you, feel free to be funny. But don’t force it. If unsure, just be plainspoken.

Writing tips

Here are a few key elements of writing in Triggerbee’s voice: 

  • Use active voice, avoid passive voice. (Good: “You should…” | Bad: “Businesses should…”)
  • Minimize jargon and slang. Focus on clarity and value. 
  • Avoid negativity, unless it proves a point. 
  • Use short paragraphs and short sentences. A paragraph should contain max 2-3 sentences.
  • Images are great! Try to use at least 4-5 images per post.
  • Most people scan blog posts. Write headlines that explains the information for each section.
  • Include a table of contents for each article
  • We write for humans, but we want Google to understand our content too. Make a quick Google search on your target keyword to see what type of results come up to ensure your article answers relevant questions to the search query/keyword.

Words to avoid

  • internets, interwebs, or any other variation of the word “internet”
  • Digitalization, digitization
  • crushing it, killing it
  • crazy, insane, or similar words to describe positive situations or activity.  

Write 2-4 sentences about yourself