Create Trackable Links

Create trackable UTM-links to see where your traffic comes from

How to generate a trackable link

This tool will autogenerate a trackable link you can use in emails, social media posts, or ads, to see where your traffic comes from. The link will be generated as you fill in your information in the fields below - happy tracking! ūüėé


Add email tracking (for Triggerbee users only)



What is UTM and why would I want to use it?

UTM stands for "Urchin Tracker Module", and it's a snippet of text that you add to the end of a link to see where your link was clicked. 

They are useful if you share one link in multiple places, for example, if you're promoting a webinar or blog post across all social media networks or in different email campaigns.

If you add "utm_campaign=linkedin" or "utm_campaign=facebook" to the end of your link, you can see how many people came from each link. 

For example, here's a normal link:

Normal link:

If someone clicks that link you won't be able to see where they came from.

Here's a link with a UTM-parameter:

Link with UTM:


While it’s probably clear that UTM-parameters helps you track your traffic, it can be difficult figuring out HOW to use them.


The easiest way of understanding how you should use UTM-parameters is by thinking of them as answers to your questions.

- What’s the name of this campaign?

- Where was this URL clicked?

- How was the URL displayed?



Here are the most common UTM-parameters:


Campaign name identifies the name of the campaign.

Prefix: utm_campaign

Answers the question: What is the name of this campaign?

Example: utm_campaign=black-friday-iphone-offer



Source helps you identify if a visitor came from search engines, social networks, your newsletter or mobile traffic.

Prefix: utm_source

Answers the question: Where was this URL clicked?

Example: utm_source=facebook



You can use medium to identify if your visitor came from social media, email, text message (SMS), CPC, banner ads, etc.

Prefix: utm_medium

Answers the question: How was the URL displayed?

Example: utm_medium=social-media


Here’s what you can do with the use of UTM parameters in Triggerbee:

  • Create visitor filters based on which campaign your visitors came from
  • Show a specific widget ONLY to campaign, specific visitors
  • Create automations based on visits from campaigns, like adding labels to visitor profiles for better segmentation