Making Marketing and Sales Work Together

It is getting increasingly difficult for marketers and sales to reach prospective buyers. However, by connecting marketing software, Triggerbee enables targeted communication based on visitor's profile, interests, and position in the sales funnel.

Marketing automation. Lean, easy, and powerful - as it should be.

 Capture more leads

 Improve Conversion Rates

Grow and improve your subscriber database

 Save more time using automations

Triggerbee is one of my favourite finds this year. I consider Triggerbee a "Must-have" for any B2B marketer serious about gaining more insight into their online users.
Raiha Buchanan
Digital Marketing Manager
House of Radon
Triggerbee let us work with our choice of email marketing platform and our choice of CRM. The cost of Triggerbee paid off in the first month.
Emil Robertsson
If you don't want to throw away money at complex and big marketing systems there are lean and clever solutions such as TriggerBee
John Ekman
Chief Conversionista


Sales ready leads every day - every hour

Every month you need to close new deals. You have your checklists. You have CRM and you have email. But they don't say anything about your prospects. Triggerbee can help you.

Triggerbee presents to you a live updated view of your most engaged visitors. Do your prospects click on the links in your email? Do they look at the price list? The more informed you are, the better you perform. It's that simple.

Find out how Triggerbee can help you boost B2B sales


Increase Conversion With Targeted Messages

Publish targeted messages on your site with extreme precision based on your visitors' profiles, surf behavior and achieved milestones.

Produce stylish popups, callouts, and widgets on your own, and publish them directly on your website, without involving your developers.

Meet up questions from the visitor with smart forms and timely chat invites. Drive hesitant visitors into becoming your customers.

See how Triggerbee can help you boost conversion on your site.

Integrate with your App

The best apps are better together

Triggerbee offers a range of Integration Apps that together bring you a great online marketing experience.


More relevant email marketing

Follow your visitor on their journey from first time visitor to paying customer. Analyze customer behavior and be more proactive in both product development and communication.

Progressively build up a profile regardless of device used. See how engaged they are in your sites and apps.

Read more about how Triggerbee can help you understand your customers.


Convert users into paying customers

Se vilka milestones varje användare tar. Knuffa dem framåt med händelsestyrda meddelanden och mejl. Se hur konverteringsgraden skjuter i höjden hos dina användare.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use Triggerbee

  • See what companies are visiting your website
  • See how your subscribers are using your website 
  • Send hot leads directly to your CRM
  • Ask those that are not subscribers to optin
  • Understand what visitors need help ordering / buying
  • Automatically email those that abandoned a signup / purchase
  • Create dynamic segments in your email platform based on Triggerbee-collected and analyzed data
  • Ask visitors that didn't convert why they didn't
  • Become more relevant in your email marketing
  • Offer contact with sales staff after 20  seconds of inactivity
  • See what companies you are making most money from
  • See what individuals that shop the most in your webshop
  • Direct offers to your most loyal visitors
  • Remind visitors that didn't convert to go back and convert
  • Profile your subscribers