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A digital data-driven agency with cutting-edge expertise in SEM, SEO, CRO and web analysis

Avantime has their own offices in Stockholm, Luleå, Örebro and Kiven (Ukraine). Today we are about 30 employees who are passionate about securing the future of your business! We work computer-driven and according to the motto that “we should not guess, we should know”. This means that you can always rely on the statistics and data that we produce. Analysis and optimization work provide more return on discontinued resources via continuous control towards what works and gives the best returns.

In addition to work in digital marketing (such as display advertising, purchased search and social media advertising) and technologies such as marketing automation, web analytics, search engine optimization and conversion optimization, Avantime develops award-winning websites, apps and intranets.

The company’s biggest goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations, which means that we as a company constantly grows together with our customers.