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Referral Marketing for eCommerce, retails and member organizations

Redeal offers eCommerce, retail and organizations an efficient and user-friendly platform for Referral marketing. With Redeal’s platform, your customers do the marketing for you by sharing offers and personal recommendations for your brand with their friends in their social networks. The platform supports several different social channels, so your customers can easily choose to send recommendations in the channel where they normally hang out, and communicate with their friends. It gives a very high level of commitment and is experienced as personal and genuine. 

On average, Redeal’s referral program leads to:

  • 15 – 30% share recommendations with their friends
  • 6% conversion rate on shared offers
  • At least 10x ROAS and ROI with Redeal

 In addition, you get:

  • Word of mouth and brand conversation on scale – about your brand
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More interactions with your brand in alla channels
  • More new customers
  • Increased loyalty of those of your customers or members who make a recommendation 

It is usually said that all good deals are win-win. Referral marketing with Redeal is win-win-win, where value is generated in three stages and everyone wins. Your brand, your customers, and their friends.

Wtih Redeal’s various functions, you can activate your customers and their friends before a purchase (or example a newsletter), during the purchase process (for example via a banner on your page) or immediately after the purchase is completed on the order confirmation page.