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Learn more about your website visitors through advanced insights and engage them with highly personalized messages based on their behavior.


Triggerbee visitor insights

Insights that drive sales

Most web analytics services will only show you graphs of your website traffic. The only problem with that is you only see what happens from a birds-eye perspective.

With a graph, you'll never know what pages your prospects go to after you've sent a proposal, what your email subscribers do after they click in your newsletter, or which companies visit your website. 

This is where Triggerbee comes in.

Triggerbee tracks every individual visitor and their behavior on your website and shows you what company they work for, so you can find business opportunities even in anonymous traffic.

This will help you capture more emails, increase engagement, and turn prospects into customers faster.

Imagine reaching out to a prospect who recently visited your website - knowing beforehand what they are interested in, what pages they visited and what they did - would that increase the chance of you making a sale?

Visitor Activity

Discover what your leads won't tell you

When a visitor lands on your website, Triggerbee tracks every interaction, what they are interested in, and ties it to their contact profile.

When they eventually fill out a form or sign up for your newsletter, they will become identified as a contact and you will see what happened before and after they revealed their identity.

If you know that "john@company.com" visited your website 9 times in the last 30 days and that he's interested in one particular case-study, you can spend less time preparing your outreach and focus on building a long-lasting relationship. 

Communicate with prospects based on their interests and behavior

In today's fast-moving business world, you need a marketing tool that gives you back time.

Triggerbee automatically tracks visitor activity on your website, without you having to set anything up.

And when you integrate your CRM and Email system, Triggerbee will update your contacts with all activity from last time they visited your website.

Checkmark Avoid sending out emails to those who have no interest in your offer or have already signed up

Checkmark Personalize email communication and on-site messages to each individual contact based on their interests

Checkmark Update contact records based on behavior and achieved milestones 

Interest based communication

No setup required

Minimal setup required

Just copy + paste the Triggerbee snippet onto your website, and Triggerbee will automatically start tracking clicks and behavior. 

No setup required

Close deals faster with better insights

The more you know about your prospects, the better you can prepare your outreach and pitch, and close the deal faster. 

No setup required

Find more sales-ready leads

Your most interested visitors are surfaced automatically, so you and your team can focus on building better relationships.

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