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Release notes may '18


  • People
    • We now always show relevant goal/label in result-list when searching
    • More columns (consent columns and more)
    • No max-width on table
    • Possibility to save segments with consent on *any* privacy policy
    • Export data about a single person (for GDPR compliance)


  • Client API security
    • Don't allow "Personal Data" to be activated if API is inactivated
    • End-date to turn off "Personal Data"-functionality
    • "Enable Visitor Client API" is by default set to false

  • Dashboard
    • Two new Recipes: Re-consent campaign + Exit Intent Campaign

  • Consent
    • Hide the “install script” box, if already installed
    • Display the rules on Consent Start Screen when the policy widget is shown

  • Engage-Plan Customers:
    • Removal of Visits-list 

  • New email reports with nicer look, opt-out and GDPR compatible:

  • Language is now changed immediately throughout system when user changes it

  • Widgets
    • Optional Form Consent-fields is now turned on by default
    • Avoid showing widgets by target-group NOT-goals when visitor coming from Apsis/MailChimp/Rule
  • Campaigns: Remove view


Bug fixes

  • Engage Editor: if value in Scroll-position contains percentage-sign (%) you get error
  • Visits view: Filter “Previous visits > 1” doesn't work
  • Engage: Exit-intent doesn't work *after* x number of pageviews, only *on* x number of pageviews.
  • People: If Consent is Activated but zero consents have been logged then filtering in People View returns *everyone* 
  • Engage: Embedded element field clears automatically when saving
  • People: "Delete segment" throws an exception
  • Engage: Consent fields in Form was missing from Full screen widget Template


Om Olof Törnqvist

Olof Törnqvist, online marketer, developer and entrepreneur since 1995.