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iDeal of Sweden became famous for their marbled phone cases, and now they are one of Sweden's largest lifestyle brands.

They are using Triggerbee to capture by giving away a 10% discount code for first-time buyers, and they can personalize their email campaigns to people based on their website activity.

iDeal of Sweden uses: 

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"In only 9 months, we added more than 97,089 new subscribers to our newsletter using Triggerbee's widgets! Triggerbee has proven to be a very effective tool for collecting data from visitors coming to our online store!"
Mats Pääjärvi
Head of Ecommerce
iDeal Of Sweden
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Since 1990, Informator has been at the forefront when it comes to helping professionals in Sweden to take the next step in their career.

Informator uses Triggerbee to capture, qualify and send interested leads to their sales team for further nurturing and closing. By using Triggerbees widgets they can improve the overall user experience with personalized offers based on website activity and interests.

By the end of 2014, Informator hit an all-time sales records through course bookings on their website. Overall sales increased by 20%, and sales from email traffic increased by 41%.

Informator uses:

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"Triggerbee lets us work with our choice of email marketing platform and our choice of CRM. The cost paid off in the first month."
Emil Robertsson

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Yayday's  promise is to only sell products for less than $10. With a constantly growing range of products and a fast-growing customer base, Yayday is one of Sweden's funniest online stores.

Yayday uses Triggerbee to grow their email list, and target offers to specific visitors based on activity.

Yayday uses:

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"In just 6 months we have generated over 7,000+ new email subscribers with Triggerbee's sign-up forms, and we can personalize our communication to them based on what they're interest in on our website."
Emma Agnesson
Marketing Coordinator

biloffert logo is a Swedish comparison site for private car leasing where the customer is put first and front. They help you compare the numerous leasing offers currently on the market, and their comparison engine lets you find exactly the right offer for your needs.

Biloffert uses Triggerbee to help their customers make better decisions by giving away guides and personalized offers. They also use Triggerbee to automate their email marketing and guide their customers to the right retailer for their specific needs. 

Biloffert uses:

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"Triggerbee has helped us increase visitor engagement on our website and our conversion rate. In addition, the support from the team is superb with a fast response time which I appreciate. Contact me if you'd like a customer review."
Filip Samuelsson
CEO and Founder
Biloffert Sverige AB
sophie by sophie


SOPHIE by SOPHIE creates playful jewelry where classical and modern styles meet. With their jewelry, they have become an obvious choice for confident and style-conscious women of all ages.

SOPHIE by SOPHIE uses Triggerbee to quickly launch new marketing campaigns, find new customers and increase their online sales.


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" Triggerbee is an exciting new tool for us. We use it to make quick marketing decisions that generates new customers, boosts online sales, and increases our conversion rate."
Fia Haak
International PR & Marketing Manager

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