Exit Intent Widget

Imagine You... Spellbinding Your Visitors!

Let me ask you something:

Are your visitors taking action? Or are they just leaving?

Imagine someone browsing your website, looking for information about something specific. But… They can’t find it.

Even though Google nicely highlighted the word in the preview text, they just can’t find what they’re looking for. So, what happens?

They leave.

But... if you could do anything to change that - would you? What if...

You could hand them a buyer’s guide, just milliseconds before they leave?
You could give them that case study they were looking for?
You could display a discount code when they get to your shopping cart?

Would it change anything? Probably.

With Triggerbee Engage you can create and display personalized Widgets to your visitors based on their behaviour and without having to involve IT or an agency.