Customer Service

If they like you, they will stay.

What is it that makes people really like a company? Besides a great product or service, surveys tend to point out one thing in specific: the way that the customer is treated. A customer wants to be seen, understood, and the customer wants attention. A long-time, loyal customer might not want to be met with “register now” when he enters the web site. A first time visitor might not want to fill out a company’s survey 5 seconds after landing. Believe it or not – it is possible to treat web site visitors as individuals without spending a fortune.

Give support and guidance to the web site visitors that need some help to reach the goal. Start by letting Triggerbee identify who needs what, based on their behavior. Let them understand that they are not alone. Invite them to chat, or to a phone call. Or just pop up a simple road sign. Triggerbee’s functionality for Customer Services will assist you in securing that valuable visitors do not fall between chairs. Triggerbee will support your Customer Service staff to give the best service possible – they see the customer’s profile and knowledge level. Give the customer a personal treatment. On the web, in the chat, and in the phone call.

Features Customer Services

  • Customer 360 Profiles
  • Chat Widget on Site
  • Tasks and Workflows - Ensure that tasks initiated via digital channels are followed up properly
  • Unified Profiles Across Devices
  • Social Media Integrations (LinkedIn)
  • Advanced Filter Creator
  • Export contacts