Engage your Audience

Triggerbee Widgets are not your regular popups. They are targeted with high precision, based on the visitors profile, surf behavior and achieved click goals. You can create popups, callouts and widgets quickly and without the need of web developers.

Do you want to have new unknown visitors to start subscribing to your newsletter? Greet campaign visitors with a special message? Drive hesitant visitors to conversion with a gentle nudge? Do it all with Triggerbee Widgets. Configure target audience and choose when the message should trigger. Expect higher conversion - expect more satisfied visitors.

Step 1: Choose layout

The design process becomes super simple. Choose from four base layout types: Popup, Callout, Embedded and Fullscreen.

The Popup convers up the site forcing the visitor to either interact or dismiss your message

The Callout is a little less intrusive. Could be used for a friendly notification in the bottom of the page that can serve as a reminder (onsite retargeting), an invitation to connect with a sales rep and more.

The Embedded is integrated in your website. It requires a bit more technical skills to use as you need to specify the ID of an HTML element on your existing page where the banner will be inserted into (using CSS selector, like this #rightColum).

The Fullscreen is perhaps our most effective way to get the attention of your visitor. The Fullscreen takes over the entire browser viewport. Excellent to use in combination with the Exit Intent trigger.


Step 3: Choose template

From there you can pick one of many design templates to kickstart your campaign. Most of the templates are responsive and mobile friendly. You can check  their device compability below each template.

Step 4: Content

Here you type in the message and if the widget contains a form you can set the labels for the fields.

Step 5: Design

You adjust your widget using color pickers and can upload your own graphic.

Step 6: Triggers


  • On Page Load

  • On Scroll % of page length

  • On Exit Intent

  • On Time: number of seconds

Trigger Condition:

  • Previous URL

Step 7: Choose an audience

Thanks to our integration with email service providers you can segment the target group in detail:Those that comes from a specific campaign, those that are subscribers or not subscribers etc.


Always ready to serve

This widget invites the visitor to interaction. If the visitor is not ready the widget can be minimized and it will stay minimized until the visitor is ready to interact.

  • Layout/template: Callout

  • Trigger: On PageLoad

  • Trigger Condition: Scrolled 50%

  • Audience: Everyone

Onsite Retargeting

The visitor is coming from a campaign with a special offer. Could be Adwords-campaign or email marketing campaign. It's not uncommon for the visitor to leave the landing page to look at more pages within the site. Then you need to remind the visitor to go back and close the deal. To that with an Onsite Retargeted Callout.

  • Layout/template: Callout

  • Trigger: On PageLoad

  • Trigger Condition: Must have viewed the URL “/specialoffer/signup”

  • Audience: Everyone

The Leading Question

Increase conversion with this widget. Use a "leading question" to get the visitor to convert.

  • Layout/template: Popup with two buttons

  • Trigger: On PageLoad

  • Trigger Condition: None

  • Audience: Everyone

Popover on Exit Intent

Grab your visitor’s attention just before they leave with this Widget. Our Exit-intent technology provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and build your email subscription list. Our messages show up with a special offer at the exact moment a visitor is about to leave your site – down to the millisecond.

  • Layout/template: Popup

  • Trigger: On ExitIntent

  • Trigger Condition: None

  • Audience: Everyone


Manually trigger display of widget

The script containing the widget is cached for 24 hours. This means that visitors that recently viewed your site won't see the new widget or changes to the widget for 24 hours. If you want your colleuges to view the widget immediately you can send them the "Show widget" -link, that opens up the widget from within Triggerbee. This link contains a few extra URL parameters that opens the widget.

You can also open up the widget from a button click. Read more about that here.