Integrating with CRM

Last step on your marketing and demand generation is to pipe the Sales Qualified Leads to Sales. Triggerbee offers many out-of-the-box CRM integrations that you can activate and easy pass along hot leads to the Sales team.

To activate the CRM, go to Apps and activate. Enter the authentication details.

To send Leads to the CRM you open up the Visits view. Find an interesting Lead. Open the details and look for “Send To…” button. Klick on it and select the CRM.

A flyout window opens up and allows you to select different tasks:

Add the visitor and organization to CRM

Triggerbee tries to find the visitor (person or company) in the CRM. If it doesn’t find an exact match it will give you some suggestions of existing similar records in the CRM, or you can add new people/company.

Once the right person/company has been connected you can do several tasks:

Insert the web activity

This option will add web activity to the person/company record in the CRM so that the Sales staff can see what the lead has done onsite.

Schedule an activity

Schedule for a call or an email to take place in the future. A reminder is normally sent out by the CRM to the account manager.

Create a deal

Create a deal for this lead, assign a account manager and set a deal value.