Pipedrive Integration

1) What you can do with the Pipedrive integration + Triggerbee: 

Triggerbee helps you automate sales tasks and let's you avoid having to enter data in CRM and email marketing tools manually. Triggerbee let’s you tailor and personalize your website’s content according to your visitors behaviour and interests in real-time.

Create custom automations

Configure Triggerbee to feed and update Pipedrive with customer data based on their website activity.
For example: When they have filled out any of your forms, visited certain pages, finished an embedded video or if they arrived from certain campaigns.

Example 1: 


Example 2: 

You can also activate more addons and create lead capturing popups. 

Activate different Triggerbee addons to integrate with your other applications. For example, track your mailchimp subscrcibers on the website. Connect their website activitity to their Pipedrive Deal. 

Example of how you can set up different automations in Triggerbee:

2) How to setup the integration:

To connect your Pipedrive account to your Triggerbee account follow these 5 steps:

  1. Inside Triggerbee: Go to the “Apps” section in the top navigation.

  2. Find the Pipedrive App, click on it.

  3. The settings appears. Click on the “On/Off” button to activate the Pipedrive App.

  4. Fill out the Pipedrive API key, that you have retrieved from your Pipedrive account.

  5. Save. Done!


3) How you customize the integration:

You can customize the Triggerbee account like this:

  • Triggerbee can automatically move a prospect to the next stage of the deal in your Pipedrive pipeline

  • Triggerbee can send behavioural information from an identified visitor to their contact in Pipedrive

  • Triggerbee can update deals, contacts and organisation properties with custom rules based on onsite behaviour and forms

    Features provided by the Triggerbee for Pipedrive integration: 

  • Send leads to and update Pipedrive using automation rules based on website activities:

    • Create and update deals

    • Insert contacts, leads and companies

    • Assign account owners

    • Insert notes

  • Send leads to and update Pipedrive manually from the customer analytics dashboard:

    • Create and update deals

    • Insert contacts, leads and companies

    • Assign account owners

    • Schedule tasks

    • Insert notes

  • Create Popups to convert website visitors. Send the converted leads to Pipedrive.

  • Integrations: Connect other services such as Mailchimp, Youtube and Livechat

  • Track subscribers: See how each of your email subscribers behave on your website

  • Website analytics: Insights into website visitors

  • Find hot Leads: identify companies based on IP address