Relevant email campaigns with subscriber tracking.

The Triggerbee for Compost App will help you:

Understand what your subscribers do on your web site

Add many segmentation possibilities in Carma

Increase conversion by becoming more relevant

Improve your subscriber list

Triggerbee is the perfect OnSite Companion to Carma. What subscribers and companies are spending a lot of time reading about your offers, who orders and who does not order..? The Triggerbee for Carma App brings you great profiling capabilities to your existing customer base. Use it to trigger emails based on website activites, profile your subscribers in Carma to create hyper segments and become more relevant.

Set up Triggerbee for Carma

  • Contact your Key Account Manager at Compost regarding activating the API in Carma.
  • Activate the Carma App in Triggerbee
  • Fill out:
    • Your Carma CustomerId
    • The API-key to Carma (username & password). You can create these in Carma under: "Account Settings" > "API Keys"
    • URL to server. For example
    • Login to Carma and go to Extended Tracking, add a new parameter like this: utm_custom[cm]={{}},{{}} (se picture below)
    • Activate Google Analytics

Compost triggerbee custom tracking


When creating a campaign, add the following:

Update columns with Triggerbee data

Triggerbee can also talk back to the subscriber list providing additional fields on each subscriber. These fields are Interest Profiles, Lead Score and Achieved Goals. Triggerbee creates additional columns on the subscriber list for each Triggerbee Property that should the synched. The synching from Triggerbee is done every night.

  1. Activate the feature in Triggerbee by selecting desired properties in "Properties to sync" for Sync fields
  2. Select lists you would like to update in "ListIds to sync"

When these steps is completed Triggerbee updates additional columns on the subscriber in each list that should the synched. The synching from Triggerbee is done every night.