Track subscriber activity and behaviour on your website.

MailChimp subscriber tracking and segmentation

Integrating Triggerbee with MailChimp, not only gives you fantastic possibilities for further insight and subscriber tracking, but also allows great Marketing Automation features.

The Triggerbee for Mailchimp App will help you:

 Understand what your subscribers do on your web site
 Increase conversion by becoming more relevant
 Improve your subscriber list

Triggerbee is the perfect OnSite Companion to Mailchimp. What subscribers and companies are spending a lot of time reading about your offers, who orders and who does not order..? The Triggerbee for Mailchimp App brings you great profiling capabilities to your existing customer base. Use it to trigger emails based on website activites, profile your subscribers in Mailchimp to create hyper segments and become more relevant.

Setup instructions

  1. Activate the Mailchimp App inside Triggerbee.
  2. Enter the Mailchimp API key in Triggerbee. You can find the API key by following these instructions.
  3. When sending your campaigns in Mailchimp: Activate Ecommerce tracking and Google Analytics tracking (in the "Setup" step"):
    Mailchimp tracking instruction
  4. Send your campaign
  5. Check out how your campaign is performing onsite in Triggerbee.

Triggerbee can also talk back to Mailchimp providing additional fields on each subscriber. These fields are Interest Profiles, Lead Score and Achieved Goals. Triggerbee creates additional columns on the subscriber list for each Triggerbee Property that should the synched. The synching from Triggerbee to Mailchimp is done every night.



  • Make sure you have both checkmarks checked (see above) when sending your campaign.
  • The subscribers must remain in the list you sent on.
  • The campaign in Mailchimp must not be removed after you sent it
  • The Triggerbee tracking script must be on the landing page - the page where the subscibers land on after clicking on your email
  • The links in the email must point to the website that contains the Triggerbee tracking code
  • The URL of the links in the email cannot contain #
  • Make sure your website doesn't do redirects that removes the querystrings (i.e http// => http//