Create leads with Paloma

Paloma subscriber tracking and segmentation

Increase the value from your email marketing using the Triggerbee and Paloma integration 

The Triggerbee Paloma integration makes it possible to get better analytics on what company and subsbribers that are reading the articles on your web site.

What subscribers and companies are spending a lot of time reading about your offers, who orders and who does not order..? You get the answer with Triggerbee. Feedback all web site activities back into Paloma for enhanced segmenting of the subscribers. This brings you new profiling capabilities to your existing subscriber base along with great lead nurturing and marketing automation capabilities.

How to activate

  1. Activate the Paloma App inside Triggerbee. Fill out the CustomerID and CustomerHash-values. You may need to contact their support to get it. Fill out these values in Triggerbee Paloma App.
  2. The other thing to do is to activate Triggerbee integration inside Paloma Postman. Go to AccountSettings >Tracking and check the "Triggerbee" checkbox. Enter the domain names to your website, one domain on each row ( for example:,,
  3. Now send your email campaigns with Triggerbee-tracking activated. 
  4. Follow up the subscribers in Triggerbee.

Triggerbee can also talk back to the subscriber list providing additional fields on each subscriber. These fields are Interest ProfilesLead Score and Achieved Goals. Triggerbee creates additional columns on the subscriber list for each Triggerbee Property that should the synched. The synching from Triggerbee is done every night.