Unleash Marketing Automation for webpower

webpower subscriber tracking and segmentation

Increase the value from your email marketing using the Triggerbee and webpower integration 

The Triggerbee webpower integration makes it possible to get better analytics on what company and subsbribers that are reading the articles on your web site.

What subscribers and companies are spending a lot of time reading about your offers, who orders and who does not order. You get the answer with Triggerbee.

Feedback all web site activities back into webpower for enhanced segmenting of the subscribers. This brings you new profiling capabilities to your existing subscriber base along with great lead nurturing and marketing automation capabilities.

How to activate

  1. Activate the webpower App inside Triggerbee

  2. Go to admin inside WebPower and first create a role with access to the following features required for SOAP API: Recipients, Events, Groups, Campaigns, Define fields (select View and Edit)

  3. Create an user with the new role

  4. Fill out the authentication fields in Triggerbee (SOAP Username, Password, URL) and enter your campaign ID's. The URL should look like this: https://my-domain.webpower.eu/x/soap-v4.2/server.php

  5. In WebPower you need to activate the SOAP API per each sub account. So first go to setup then chose the sub account you need and then edit it and activate the SOAP API (checkbox).

  6. In WebPower go to setup and edit your campaign. Configure Google/SiteCatalyst URL parameter pattern like this: utm_custom%5Bwp%5D={$id},{$CAMPAIGN_ID}&utm_campaign={$mailingName}. You can also add another custom parameters like utm_source.

  7. Send your campaign

  8. Follow up on campaign in Triggerbee. NOTE: This follow up does not work when sending test campaigns.

Update columns with Triggerbee data in WebPower

Triggerbee can also talk back to the subscriber list providing additional fields on each subscriber. Some of these fields are Interest ProfilesLead Score and Achieved Goals.

  1. Activate the feature in Triggerbee by selecting desired properties in "Properties to sync" for Sync fields
  2. Select groups you would like to update in "ListIds to sync". Leave this text area empty to update all.
  3. Create a database field for each property in WebPower. The fieldname have to match any in the list below. As description we suggest you name it for example "Triggerbee Goals"

Supported database fields:

  • tb_goals
  • tb_name
  • tb_org
  • tb_rating
  • tb_ratingm (Rating Last 30 days)
  • tb_profln1 (Interest Profiles)
  • tb_proflv1 (Interest Profiles value)
  • tb_profln2 (Interest Profiles)
  • tb_proflv2 Interest Profiles value)
  • tb_profln3 (Interest Profiles)
  • tb_proflv3 (Interest Profiles value)

When these steps is completed Triggerbee updates additional columns on the subscriber in each group that should the synched. The synching from Triggerbee is done every night.