Measuring Campaigns

Campaign Tracking shows you how your Campaigns actually performs - how many visits, page views, downloads and if your goals are achieved as a result from marketing efforts in external sources.

Example of external sources that drives traffic:

  • Search Advertisement (Google Adwords)

  • Email campaigns

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Display advertisment and banners

By associating sessions with a campaign you can segment and filter visits and visitors based on traffic source such as a specific ad or an email. If a visitor comes from a campaign it is clearly visible in the Visits List using a green icon.

Dynamic Campaigns

Dynamic campaigns are created automatically when a visitors landing page contains UTM parameters. UTM parameters is originally Google Analytics format of segmenting traffic coming from external sources, but has now more or less become industry standard.

  • utm_campaign  => Mandatory. Gives the Campaign a name, for example “christmas_promotion”

  • utm_source => Optional. Identifies the source, for example Adwords or Mailchimp

  • utm_medium => email, advertisment, social

Static Campaigns

Under Settingsg > Campaigns you can handle static campaigns by specifying a URL for the landing page. If a visitor lands on the specified URL it is flagged as the campaign.