To activate Livechat Triggerbee integration follow the steps below:

  1. Activate the app inside Triggerbee under "Applications". 

  2. Go to LiveChat and sign in. Click on Settings-icon in the top-menu and then INSTALLATION in the left-menu

  3. Copy your licence-key from the tracking code (the licence key should only contain numbers.) 

  4. Enter as "Licence key" in Triggerbee 

  5. Go to My profile in LiveChat > Edit > For developers and copy "Login" (Username) and "Your API key" and enter in Triggerbee


  6. Go to the LiveChat application in your Triggerbee account and enter the "Login" (Username) and "Your API key" here:

  7. Press Save

  8. Open LiveChat-app again and press button "Create webhooks in LiveChat"

  9. Done!

Test the Integration

  1. Wait for a chat to occur on your website (reload the website if you are testing it yourself). The chat session must be completely finished, either the chat window has been closed or the session timed out. (Note: The website must also contain the Triggerbee script)

  2. Watch the Activity Feed under “Insights” in Triggerbee and find the session that chatted. Normally there is a 1-2 minute delay from when the chat session has ended to when it appears in Triggerbee. Look for a session with a blue chat icon under “What happened”.

  3. Click on the session in the list. A detailed view will appear.

  4. Click on the “Chatted” link. The complete chat transcript will be show.

  5. Now you have tested the integration and know it works perfectly fine. If you need further help regarding this or anything else in Triggerbee, please contact

Creating a filter

You can create a saved filter for all sessions that have chatted.

  1. Start with clicking on the blue “Everyone” filter.

  2. Click on “Customize Filter” and under “Goals” menu, find and select “Chat”.

  1. Click “Search”. The session list will be refreshed

  2. Click “Save” button and save the filter as “Chatted”.