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 Showcase of Triggerbee Engage lead generation forms


Why Choose Triggerbee eCommerce?

Blue checkmarkGrow your newsletter subscribers

Blue checkmarkConvert abandoning visitors into customers

Blue checkmarkIncrease your following on social media

Blue checkmarkReduce shopping cart abandonment

Blue checkmarkSend converted visitors into your newsletter and CRM system

Blue checkmarkPromote whitepapers, E-books and special deals

Blue checkmarkRun personal time-limited offers

Blue checkmarkGenerate sales leads without cold calling

Personalize Your Marketing

Display one message to new visitors and a different message to returning visitors or newsletter subscribers. With Triggerbee you can communicate to your visitors based on who they are, and where they come from. In other words, say goodbye to generic, one-for-all communication and say hello to people-based, behavioural marketing.

Returning Visitor:

A popup for returning visitor

New Visitor:

A widget shown to new visitors only

Newsletter Subscriber:

A sales generating popup shown only for newsletter subscribers

A showcase of different types of lead generating widgets and forms

Increase Website Engagement

Triggerbee makes it easy for you to engage and convert visitors on your website. Pick and choose from a library of Widget templates to make sure your message gets noticed and appears to the right audience.

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2x More Clicks Than Any Other Solution...

Investing in roads to build a city is useless if there aren’t any cars on the road. Website traffic is important, but conversions are what accelerates business growth. With Triggerbee eCommerce the average CTR is almost 2x as high compared to email or advertising.


Bar Chart comparing Triggerbee CTR to other solutions

Timing, Timing, Timing...

Timing is often the difference between interrupting and engaging. With Triggerbee eCommerce you are in full control of when your message appears, and to whom.


Scroll Trigger

Display your Widget after your visitor has started scrolling

Timed Trigger

Time-delay Trigger

Display your widget to visitors after X number of seconds  

Exit intent Trigger

Before-You-Leave Trigger

Engage your visitors just milliseconds before they leave

Click on a link trigger

Click Trigger

Make your widget appear when your visitors click a link





Form builder in Triggerbee

Build Better Forms

You can customize and build your own conversion forms to collect information from your visitors. Choose from 5 different fields and use the information to personalize your communication.




Newsletter Widget

The Newsletter widget is a customizable opt-in form that will help you grow your email list and get more subscribers. Create popups, callouts, fullscreeners, or sidebars without involving developers or an agency.

  • Grow your newsletter subscribers
  • Generate leads for your sales team
  • Stay top-of-mind of your prospects



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Wait, don't leave widget Exit intent

Before-you-leave widget

Our Exit-intent technology provides you with a powerful (and simple) way to convert more unknown visitors. Your message will be displayed just milliseconds before your visitor is about to leave your website and hit the dreadful “Back”-button.

  • Catch or retain visitors who are about to leave your website
  • Not interrupt visitors browsing your website
  • Earn yourself that first cup of coffee in the morning (coffee is for winners)




Promotion Widget

Boost your conversion rates with a promotion. Studies show that online visitors are over 80% more likely to make a purchase if they can get their hands on a special deal. That’s why the Giveaway Widgets performs on average 160x better compared to newsletter subscriptions.

  • Increase your conversion rate by 160x
  • Catch more pre-qualified leads
  • Impress your boss


Summer sale! 20% off on everything widget


Widet there are still tickets left to the growth conference... [countdown]

Urgency Widget

What’s worse than stepping on a piece of lego? Nothing, except missing out on a great deal. Adding "fear of missing out" to your marketing campaigns will convert more visitors than you thought was possible. The Urgency Widget displays a personal countdown clock that lets your visitors know your offer might not be available tomorrow. Help them cross the emotional fence of doubt and increase your conversions by up to 332%.

  • Give your visitors a friendly nudge
  • Send your sales graph through the roof. That’s right, the roof.
  • Focus on customer acquisition




Service Widget

Display a Widget that lets your visitors know you are there to help them answer their questions. Convert doubters to believers by offering one of the most important aspects of business today - great service. A Service Widget gives your visitors an easy way to contact you or ask questions.

  • Build trust by showing that you're available
  • Reduce churn and angry support requests
  • Get a better relationship with your customers



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