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With Triggerbee Surveys, you can:


Trigger surveys based on CRM or Session conditions

Target specific audience or customer segments by using your CRM data to target them with surveys when they return to your website.

Enrich your CRM with responses and feedback for better segmentation

Collect zero-party data you can use for segmenting your audience and personalize marketing campaigns based on your audience's feedback and preferences

Uncover the hidden objections and motivations of your customers

Skyrocket your conversions and sales by asking your customers what can be improved, and find out what stops them from spending more.

Types of surveys you can create

NPS Survey


CSAT Survey


Star rating

Star ratings

Smiley survey

Smiley ratings

Customer Experience

CX surveys

Post Purchase Survey

Post-purchase surveys

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

Thumbs rating surveys

Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience

Loyalty Surveys

Logged-in surveys

Brand Awareness Surveys

Brand Perception Surveys

…and much more! 

Design surveys your visitors enjoy responding to

Traditional surveys are boring to fill out, and make you feel like you’re taking an intelligence test. Let your customers respond to colorful, beautiful surveys that they WANT to interact with and click on.


Show your surveys to targeted audiences

Regular survey tools don’t let you target specific visitors unless you know how to code. With Triggerbee’s surveys, you can target specific audiences like customers, logged-in users, returning customers, and more with ease.


Analyze your results with easy-to-understand analytics

Get actionable insights from all your surveys with form response lists. Continuously measure your NPS and CSAT score, or export your responses to analyze it yourself in a spreadsheet.


Why Triggerbee Surveys?

Improve Your Loyalty​

Boost your customer satisfaction and loyalty by finding out what they really want and need.​

High Response Rates​

With over 30+ targeting conditions and options, you can be sure that your response rates will be through the roof.​

Know more, guess less​

Survey your users about what you should launch next, reduce unsold inventory, and find out what to improve

Are you ready to start surveying your customers?

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