How CLN Athletics uses customer- and website data to personalize the journey on-site and in email marketing

CLN Athletics design and sell workout clothes with the flexibility to match all varieties of training. Read about how they use their data and convert anonymous visitors into purchasing customers. 


CLN Athletics was created by two driven friends inspired by the intensity, challenge, and euforia that CrossFit training gave them. Their love for the sport grew over time and they searched the world for training clothes that would match the CrossFit endurance and flexibility requirements. When they couldn’t find something to fit their needs they decided to take matters into their own hands, and CLN Athletics was founded.

Today, CLN Athletics has broadened their assortment to suit all types of training – and they strive to make the best workout apparel on the market with products that endure and facilitate movement. Their clothes are attractive, innovative, and have a clean design. In becoming the world-leading brand in workout clothing, CLN Athletics chooses to collaborate with the best of the best.  

Here’s how Triggerbee helped CLN Athletics use their customer data to convert anonymous visitors into purchasing customers.

"We have more signups and higher conversion rate since starting with Triggerbee. Signups have increased between 50 - 300% depending on placement, offer, and targeting."
Simon Hallberg
eCommerce Manager | CLN Athletics

CLN Athletics does everything they can to be at the forefront of the market and in the eCommerce sphere, and they do it well. They were already a growing brand with growing sales, but wanted to make the customer journey more personalized and relevant. They already had a newsletter popup and forms on the website, but they were hardcoded by the development team which made modifications and optimizations inflexible and time-consuming. 

With ambitious growth goals, they wanted to become more agile in the way they worked with marketing and sales on the website. This is where Triggerbee comes in. 

With Triggerbee, CLN Athletics has been able to be more flexible with building and managing campaigns on their website, as well as unlocking the possibility to target specific customers with personalized offers depending on their traffic source. Acquiring new email subscribers, reminding customers about discounts, and presenting product recommendations have come to play a big role in CLN Athletics’ personalized onsite experience. And with Triggerbee’s integration with Rule, CLN Athletics has also been able to communicate with current customers onsite based on data in Rule – which was not possible before. 

"We’re a small company, so we have to be aware of our costs since they bite into our profits. Since we started using Triggerbee we have been able to get a lot of our needs met in the same tool."
Simon Hallberg
eCommerce Manager | CLN Athletics


UTM targeted messages

Being personal and relevant on-site as well as in their email marketing is highly important for CLN Athletics. Depending on their customers visit source, CLN wants to meet them with relevant information and campaigns. 

For example, a visitor coming from an external ad is more or less a cold lead and needs to be continuously warmed up when entering the website using similar imagery, copy, and offer that made them click on the ad. At the same time, visitors coming from win-back emails needs other messages to move them closer to finishing their purchase. 

By targeting on-site campaigns towards visitors with different UTM tags, CLN Athletics has been able to achieve this with little effort. Ad visitors are met with the same offer as in the ad, win-backs get a win-back offer, and returning members get recommendations based on their interest profiles.


Triggerbee Interest Profiles allow you to segment your newsletters based on your subscribers behaviour data from your website

"The interest profiles collected from Triggerbee have helped us improve our marketing and sales efforts. We have been able to become more personal on-site and in our newsletters."
Simon Hallberg
eCommerce Manager | CLN Athletics


Something probably all online shoppers can relate to, is the challenge to decide on what product is the best fit for your needs. Sometimes, you end up ordering more than you need and then returning the leftovers. To fight this, CLN Athletics has created a “tights guide” which educates their visitors about their products to help them determine what tights would be the best fit for them. 

The guide is shown for visitors that have spent some time on the site without adding something to their cart. This campaign is one of CLN Athletics’ oldest campaigns that is still delivering great results, and it also helps them in achieving two of their internal company goals:


Campaign promotions

As for any eCommerce business out there, CLN Athletics puts a lot of effort into their campaigns. It can be a challenge to get the message across all channels and reach the right people, but with Triggerbee – they can target the right visitors with the right message seamlessly.

For subscriber campaigns, they take advantage of the momentum before the campaign launch to collect new subscribers, while current subscribers are presented with a plain offer without the need to submit any details. During the campaigns, they use a mix of Triggerbee popups, panels, and embedded content to present the offer to all visitors depending on where they are on the site. And towards the end of the campaigns, they use countdowns to increase the sense of FOMO. 

With Triggerbee UTM-targeting, it is easy to greet your visitors with different messages depending on where they come from to create a sense of unity between your channels kanaler.

"Adding a countdown to your campaign can do magic"
Simon Hallberg
eCommerce Manager | CLN Athletics
"Working with Triggerbee has been great. It’s been painless and working well throughout, and the support has always been quick to reply."
Simon Hallberg
eCommerce Manager | CLN Athletics