Effortlessly Create Personalized Web Content Using a No-Code Editor

Triggerbee's personalization experience editor. A personalized popup being edited in the editor.
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Get up to 300% more email subscribers... From the same Traffic!

Start growing your email list, membership program, and SMS-list faster by targeting personalized offers to new & returning customers. 






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Upload your own fonts

You don't have to settle for a similar font ever again. Just upload your font files and use them in your campaigns.

Build multi-step experiences

Add unlimited steps in your campaign to build engaging experiences, and switch layouts between the steps.

50+ Pre-made templates

Get access to over 50+ themed templates designed for different purposes, occasions, and campaigns.

Become More Productive With AI Assisted Copywriting

Beesly is an AI assistant built on Open AI’s GPT-model, and will help you write full campaign copy in seconds. Use Beesly for inspiration, to find new marketing angles, or ideas for your next A/B-test.

Collect valuable data that you can use for personalization in other channels

Don’t just capture emails. Start collecting data that helps you create better relevant marketing in your other owned channels. 

Verify new subscribers

Only send new contacts to your database. Waste fewer discount codes on existing customers, and don't struggle with duplicate records in your CRM. Verification also works in incognito mode.

Examples of customer data you can collect

Erika Skalman, Head of Digital på K-Rauta

“In just 2 months, we captured 10,000+ new email subscribers. We have been able to A/B-test and analyze results in an easy way, and the average order value is 53% higher.”

Detailed targeting to help you reach exactly the right people

Use triggers, scheduling, and your website audiences to control who should and should NOT see your campaign. Ask first-time visitors for email addresses. Nudge loyal customers to make a purchase by giving them a discount, and ask returning members to log back in. 

The trigger and display-settings for Triggerbee Personalization

A/B-test your way to success

Test your offers, content, CTA’s and other elements to find a winning combination, or your next home run. Just set up the test, make some changes, and measure the results when the test is over.


Staying on brand has never been easier

Upload your own font files and apply them to any text in the editor with just a couple of clicks. Add your colors so you never have to copy and paste a hex-code ever again. 


Made for non-coders, but still developer friendly

Triggerbee is highly hackable, so you’re not limited by the (big) library of default building blocks. Send events to your analytics platform, or create a first-party cookie when a customer signs up in a form. Just add a little bit of javascript and the possibilities are endless.