Simple referral campaigns for ecommerce and retail brands

Turn your customers into a marketing channel with Triggerbee’s simple-to-use referral marketing campaigns.

Referral Marketing
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Motivate customers on your website to share your brand

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Referral Marketing

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Referral Marketing

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Enhance customer acquisition

Get more out of your current ad spend by making your top customers refer your brand to their friends.

Reduce your acquisition cost

Harness the power of your satisfied customers to bring in new business, without ramping up your ad spend.

Create brand ambassadors on autopilot

Invite more people to try your products by leveraging your customers' friends and family

Step 1: Create your referral campaign in under 10 seconds

Create a draft of your referral program with just a few clicks, using one of the handcrafted templates!

Step 2: Customize your referral campaign

Edit your referrer and friend campaigns to match your brand. Let the friend get an enticing message when receiving the referral offer!

Referral Marketing
Referral Marketing

Step 3: Launch and follow your success

Set up your audience targeting, publish the campaign and track your referral statistics in the dashboard.

How to create a referral campaign

How you can use Triggerbee's referral campaigns

Referral Marketing

Embedded referral campaigns

Display non-intrusive embedded referrals on your website, e.g. in a user's profile if you have a loyalty program.

Referral Marketing

Post-purchase referral

Twistshake - Encourage your most engaged visitors, your customers, to refer friends after completing a purchase.

Referral Marketing

Double-sided rewards

Nordic Nest - Reward both the referrer and the friend to boost the value of the offer and increase the sharing.

Let users decide which channel they use to share your code

Triggerbee’s referral campaigns use the mobile device’s standard sharing options, your customers can refer their friends on any channel with a pre-written message and link to a campaign that greets them and asks them to copy the code from their friend.

Referral Marketing

Track your results and new revenue

Find out how well the referral tactic is working and just how much you’ve gained from creating ambassadors through referrals.

Referral Marketing

Why use Triggerbee referral campaigns?

Improve Your Loyalty​

Reward your customers and create true ambassadors for future marketing campaigns.

Reduced Costs

Reduce the cost of customer acquisition through referral marketing; spread the word using your existing community.

Easy Start

Launch your referral campaigns in just a few minutes, using our templates.

Click on a template to get started 👇