PINDEX 2023 (Personalization Index)

The 2023 Personalization Index Report

Triggerbee’s Personalization Index includes original data from analyzing 150 of the largest retail and ecommerce brands in the Nordics. Insights, trends, and deep dives of how the best brands create amazing customer experiences and how they use customer data to drive profitable growth. 

Personaliseringsindex 2023 framsida. "PINDEX23 | STATE OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN THE NORDICS" Title: The Battle of The Mind

Pindex Ecommerce Sessions (Swedish event)

An in-person event September 20th at Nalen in central Stockholm.
Between 14:00 – 17:00 we will listen to three speakers about loyalty, customer journeys, and purchase behaviours.


PINDEX 2023 (Personalization Index)
Vanessa Kuslap
Head of Growth på Apohem
PINDEX 2023 (Personalization Index)
Emma Lindgren
PR-ansvarig på Svea Bank
PINDEX 2023 (Personalization Index)
Patrik Stoopendahl

How it works, and how the winners are selected

Every brand is reviewed and scored based on 47 criteria. This score is the brand’s own and is compared to the other brands on the list.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1 month before analysis, we sign up for newsletters, memberships, and abandon a cart.
  • On analysis day, we review the website’s key pages – homepage, categories, products, membership, cart, checkout – both when logged in and out.
  • Features like product recommendations, tailored content, and other journey-enhancing features based on our history with the brand earn points.
  • Company emails are reviewed and scored based on segmentation, content, and customization level.
  • Loyalty programs are reviewed and rated based on offers, personal touch, and other CX elements.


Brands analyzed


Data points


Loyalty programs



Insights from 150 e-commerce brands and retailers

A strong welcome offer will convert between 5-7% of visitors to subscribers, and a whooping 11-22% of those who sign up to claim the offer will make a purchase in the same session.

Discounts are the cheapest way to get your customers to take action, without spending a lot of money. But most brands use them in a way that eats up margins and profits.

The best brands in the nordics use discounts too… But only 20% are used for acquisition.    

The other 80%? Read the report to find out.

Customer Experience breakdowns of top brands