Get a €20 higher average order value with personalized website promotions

"We've increased our customer base by over 40% YoY, and our average order value is €20 higher for purchases made with the discount code distributed in Triggerbee's campaigns."
tim agerblom
Tim Agerblom
eCommerce Manager | Didriksons
Increase Sales

How these brands use Triggerbee to increase product sales

Increase Sales
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Increase Sales
Increase Sales
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Boost catalog visibility

Make visitors explore your full offering with top banners and category sales notifications

Rescue abandoned carts

Recover abandoned carts before they happen with exit intent offers

Targeted promotions

Show promotions based on your visitors web activity, CRM data, geolocation, and more

Build anticipation

Build pre-launch lists to generate demand for upcoming product launches

Drive more sales with dynamic and personalized promotions

Embedded content

Embedded Site Content

CRM Targeting



Geolocation Targeting

Behavior targeting


Survey callout

Personalized Surveys

Increase Sales

Personalized Banners

Increase Sales

Personalized Callouts


Personalized Popups

Reach high-intent visitors with browse abandonment

Triggerbee enables you to each out to potential customers who’ve shown a strong interest in your offerings. Don’t miss the opportunity to re-engage and guide them toward conversion, boosting your bottom line effortlessly.

Increase Sales

Boost your sales by growing your email & SMS list

Everyone knows that the money is in the list. Triggerbee makes it easy to profitably grow your list, distribute welcome offers, and send new subscribers straight to your CRM / Marketing Automation software on autopilot. 

Welcome discount popup "Get 25% off your first purchase"
Increase Sales

“With Triggerbee’s interest profiles you get both behavior data and zero-party data about your customers, which is a game changer in terms of who we can target with messages, or promotions on our website.”

Use quizzes to educate, entertain, and convert

Your online store is no longer *just* a catalog of products. You also need to be entertaining and persuasive. Quizzes with product recommendations are the perfect way to help guide your visitors to the right product, and increase visibility of your lesser-known products without being pushy.

A skin care routine quiz to help visitors find products. A graph that shows increased sales, and audience targeting settings.

Rescue Abandoned purchases before they happen

Only 40% of ecommerce brands have an abandoned cart flow in place. And less than 10% proactively tries to save a cart about to be abandoned on their website. Triggerbee’s  predictive exit intent technology identifies visitors who are about to abandon their cart and intervenes with a compelling offer. Reclaim these sales proactively to significantly boosting your revenue.

Abandoned cart popup

turn new product launches into checkout-breaking launches

We can’t guarantee it’ll happen to you, but we’ve seen pre-launch campaigns that went on to break the checkout on launch day. With Triggerbee, you’re gearing up for a product launch that could be your best one yet.

Pre-launch popup signup form

Turn your social followers into customers

Turn your social followers into loyal, paying clients. With targeted promotions and personalized experiences, you can unlock the full power of your social following and watch those sales roll in!

A popup that is displayed only for visitors from social media with an influencer saying: Hi, I’m so glad you’re here! On this page you will find all of my favorite products from [Your brand]. My two favorites are: Product 1 and Product 2. (Product 2 is the one I mentioned in my last story) Happy shopping / QB

Key features and capabilities

Audience and repetition control

You have full control over who sees your campaigns, and what happens after a campaign interaction.

Survey response targeting

Target customers and subscribers using their historic survey responses to target specific audiences.

Campaign scheduling

Schedule campaigns in advance to never miss a big promotion or member announcement.

Advanced behavior targeting

Target your campaigns based on devices, traffic source, historic form submissions, and more.

A/B testing

A/B-test messages and promotions to find the perfect balance between acquisition and profitability.

CRM-based targeting

Triggerbee integrates and syncs with your CRM to fetch segments, identify web visitors, and more.

Trigger actions in your CRM

Trigger an action in your CRM when a member performs a certain action on your website.

Enrich CRM contacts

Send behavior-, survey-, and contact data to your CRM to create better Email & SMS segments.

Slide-in forms

Show one form field at a time, and turn filling out large forms into a better user experience.

Text & button animations

Text and button animations to grab attention and create engaging content

Phone input with country picker

Collect phone numbers with the correct area and country calling code.

Countdown timers

Create FOMO by counting down to a specific date or just using hours and minutes.

Increase Sales

The favorite tool of customer centric e-com brands

Increase Sales

"Higher revenue and a rapidly growing customer base"

"Triggerbee has allowed us to create more personalized popups and campaigns, resulting in higher revenue and a rapidly growing customer base"


Felicia Hammar, CRM Manager


"Our average order value is €20 higher"

"By using Triggerbee we've increased our customer base by over 40% from 12 months ago, and our average order value is €20 higher for purchases made with the discount code. Great tool and top-notch customer service"

Increase Sales

Tim Agerblom, E-commerce Manager


"We're able to create a personalized experience on site"

"With Triggerbee we’re able to create a personalized experience on site, guide our customers to the products they’re looking for and improve conversion."

Increase Sales

Vanessa Kuslap, Head of Growth


"It's a game changer in terms of who we can target on our website"

"With Triggerbee’s interest profiles you get both behavior data and zero-party data about your customers, which is a game changer in terms of who we can target with messages, or promotions on our website.”


Jakob Marshall Olsson, Website Manager


"Triggerbee is my favorite tool!"

"Triggerbee is my favorite tool! It has helped us to build a larger fanclub, increase engagement among visitors and allowed us to get more visits from newsletters to the website.


Erica Terranova, Growth Marketing Lead 


"The average order value is 53% higher"

“In just 2 months, we captured 10,000+ new email subscribers. We have been able to A/B-test and analyze results in an easy way, and the average order value is 53% higher for customers that have used the code in Triggerbee’s campaigns.”


Erika Skalman, E-com Sales Manager


"Signups have increased between 50-300%"

"We have more signups and higher conversion rate since starting with Triggerbee. Signups have increased between 50 - 300% depending on placement, offer, and targeting."

Increase Sales

 Simon Hallberg, E-commerce Manager


"Triggerbee is not just about popups"

"Triggerbee is not just about popups, it's much more than that. From personalizing based on behaviour to data enrichment in our other systems, which other competitors didn't have."

Increase Sales

Patrik K, E-commerce Manager


"I like the simplicity of designing campaigns"

"Triggerbee has allowed us to capture new club members and email subscribers, but also to increase the use of bonuschecks and personal offers. I like the simplicity of creating and designing campaigns in Triggerbee, and have received helpful advice and support from my contact person.”


Tiina Tauru, Online visual merchandiser


"Increases our conversion rate"

"Recruiting new members has become easier, and helped with the increase of redeeming personal offers. We are able to remind customers about their bonus checks, which also increases our conversion rates."


KICKS Marketing team


"The way we work with data today has changed alot"

"The way we work with data today has changed a lot since we started using Triggerbee. We have been able to send out more relevant email campaigns with the data from Triggerbee, and we can use data from our CRM to target visitors on our website."


Jakob Marshall Olsson, Website Manager

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