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Learn how Triggerbee enhances the customer journey for many companies in e-commerce.

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Personalized Startpage Banner

Moomin Callout

Member-exclusive raffles & competitions


Pre-launch Campaign

Kicks Member Discount Reminder

Loyalty Campaign

Boomerang Back in Stock Reminder

Reminder Campaign

Demographically Based Callouts

Skinroller Influencer Campaign

Onsite Influencer Campaign

Egg Hunt Campaign

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With Triggerbee, you can use your collected data to create data-driven popups (and more!) with specific target audiences in mind.

This can give you results like:

“We have been able to A/B-test and analyze results in an easy way, and the average order value is 53% higher for customers that have used the code in Triggerbee’s campaigns. 

Erika Skalman, eCommerce Sales Manager at K-Rauta

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Higher Conversion Rate
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Higher CTR
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Higher Order Value

Ecommerce Personalization Guide

Want to learn even more about ecommerce personalization?

Read our detailed guide with 29 real-life examples.


Triggerbee’s onsite campaigns drive over 50% of trial conversions for one of our services. The software is innovative and easy to use, and we are looking forward to exploring how we can use it even more.

Susanne Myrnes | Digital Marketing Manager, Visma Commerce 


“Triggerbee’s Onsite Campaigns allow me as a marketer to build and launch good-looking campaigns without having to involve our developers. We can choose a pre-made template to quickly get started, and we can customize everything. But the best part is that I can show different messages to different website visitors, depending on where they come from or based on their past activity. It does really increase the conversion rate!”

– Daniela Morales | Digital strategist, Ny Teknik


Triggerbee’s onsite campaigns allows us to build and launch personalized website messages fast and easy. The conversion rate is better compared to similar software with very limited targeting and segmenting. Triggerbee gives us unique insight into who our website visitors are, and we can use behavioral data to target our messages to specific audiences on our website.

– Magnus Ejdne | Chief Marketing Officer, Jbil AB 


“Triggerbee helps us take our digital marketing efforts to a new level. Powerful tools that helps us reach new customers in a smart way.

– Greger Nilsson | Chief Marketing Officer Nilex