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Cervera wanted to promote membership offers, for both guest visitors and logged-in members, on their product pages.  By doing this, guests would feel more inclined to either become a member or make sure they log in, and members would be more likely to use an offer and complete a purchase.

How they did it

Cervera is one of the leading home and kitchen stores in Sweden. They also have a huge loyalty club with 2 million members, and one of the benefits of being a member of Club Cervera is that you get access to membership pricing.

But how do you convey that benefit to non-members without being salesy? And how do you remind existing members to log in to see their exclusive pricing? Cervera solves this problem by using data and behavioral segmentation to personalize their product pages.

They are using onsite marketing platform Triggerbee to display personalized and dynamic content on select product pages targeted to specific visitors.

If you’re logged out, you will see a message above the buy button that says “Get access to membership pricing” with two CTA’s that say “Become a member” and “Log in”.

If you are logged in (or a returning member), the embedded promotion is hidden and you will see a tailored set of benefits below the buy button.

This dynamic personalization helps Cervera use elements of exclusivity and recognition, which not only improves their customer experience but also drives new membership signups.

Cervera Product Page Membership Promotion
Jimmy Gök

⚙️ Main Features Used

  • Triggerbee embedded template
  • Campaign variants

🎯 Targeting

  • CRM audience targeting
  • Javascript
  • Page-level targeting

Cervera Product Page Membership Promotion

"With Triggerbee and Voyado we are able to target both existing and new members. And by adding this campaign we have increased both sales and the number of new members."


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