Nordic Nests Login Nudge Callout

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⚡ Key results

Nordic Nest wanted to boost user engagement and increase logins among existing members who returned to their website.

How they did it
Nordic Nest used Triggerbee to create a popup aimed at existing members. They used CRM data, device data, and custom JavaScript conditions to effectively target the right members. They started by setting up an audience in Voyado, and then synced it to Triggerbee. After that, they built a callout in Triggerbee’s campaign editor and used the specific audience segment for targeting. This approach prompted existing members to log in more frequently, resulting in increased user engagement and redemption rate of personal offers on their website.

Felix Langlet
Felix Langlet

Felix is a self-taught marketer and the head of marketing at Triggerbee. He is specialized in SEO, content marketing, and copywriting. Outside of work, you can find him spending time with his family, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries.

⚙️ Main Features Used

  • Text link
  • Callout template

🎯 Targeting

  • Voyado audience segment
  • Device
  • Custom javascript conditions

Nordic Nests Login Nudge Callout

Nordic Nest

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