Apohems Membership Signup Popup

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⚡ Key results

Driving new membership signups for a newly launched loyalty program.

How they did it
Apohem started by creating a segment in their CRM with all their registered members. Then they created a new audience in Triggerbee to sync their newly created segment in Voyado (and all the contacts in that segment) to Triggerbee. By doing this, they could create a “negative” audience, which excludes their existing members from ever seeing a campaign intended for non-members.

To drive new membership signups, Apohem created a beautiful popup in Triggerbee using a button as a call to action. The button opens their own membership registration menu, where the user can register a membership using BankID or with their email.

⚙️ Main Features Used

  • Triggerbee identity layer
  • Triggerbee visitor tracking

🎯 Targeting

  • Triggerbee audiences
  • CRM segment targeting
  • Existing members excluded

Apohems Membership Signup Popup

"With Triggerbee we’re able to create a personalized experience on site, guide our customers to the products they’re looking for and improve conversion."
Vanessa Kuslap
Head of Growth


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