Nordic Nest Black Week Signup Popup

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⚡ Key results

Nordic Nest wanted to encourage unregistered users to become members during Black Week.

How they did it
They made a Black Week-themed popup in Triggerbee, which pushed visitors to the signup page. By targeting non-members on the site with the Black Week registration offer (500 bonus points), they were able to direct thousands of visitors to the signup page to become new members.

⚙️ Main Features Used

  • Popup template

🎯 Targeting

  • Device targeting
  • Unidentified visitors

Nordic Nest Black Week Signup Popup

"We went live with the customer club three weeks before Black Friday and with the help of Triggerbee we managed to capture a lot of new members, who also quickly came back and made a new purchase with us."
Matthias Evelönn
Head of Consumer Insight & Retention

Nordic Nest

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