Cerveras Post-Purchase CSAT survey

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Cervera wanted to better understand their customers sentiment after going through the customer journey on their website. Customer satisfaction is a critical metric for Cervera as it directly impacts customer loyalty, repeat sales, and overall brand reputation.

How they did it

Cervera built and published a CSAT survey using Triggerbee’s survey functionality. They used the Callout template which appears in one of the corners of the screen. The callout used a two-step form with the first step asking the customer to give a CSAT rating. The second step featured an optional comment field. Cervera utilized page targeting and published it on the Thank you/receipt page The survey was triggered immediately after a customer completed their purchase. The collected data provided Cervera with valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels, enabling them to pinpoint aspects of the online shopping experience that required improvement.

Felix Langlet
Felix Langlet

Felix is a self-taught marketer and the head of marketing at Triggerbee. He is specialized in SEO, content marketing, and copywriting. Outside of work, you can find him spending time with his family, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries.

⚙️ Main Features Used

  • Surveys
  • CSAT block
  • Form response list

🎯 Targeting

  • Page-level targeting
  • Only shown on the thank-you page (post purchase)

Cerveras Post-Purchase CSAT survey

”Thanks to the survey function in Triggerbee, we were able to measure the customers' shopping experience in a simple and fun way. We are very pleased with the results of the survey. The comments gave us insight into how the buying journey can be improved and we will take action on it right away.”
Carina Hejde
Carina Hejde
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