Create High-Converting Popups and Promotions in Seconds

Beesly is your personal AI copywriting assistant and will help you generate conversion-boosting copy with just one click. Generate campaigns 10x faster.

Write Copy 10x Faster

Creating high-converting campaigns has never been easier. Beesly will help you write copy tailored to different audiences so you can capture more emails, drive repeat purchases, and win-back abandoned shopping carts. Use Beesly for inspiration, to find new marketing angles, or ideas for your next A/B-test.

Customize the results to fit your goals and campaign targets

Mix and combine any settings to generate highly specific results for any audience, in 27 different languages.

Beesly AI Assistant

How Beesly works in 4 simple steps

A preview of Triggerbee's library of templates to choose from.

1. Select a template

Start by picking a template from our library of over 50+ campaigns made for different purposes.

Settings available in Beesly are discount code, language, strategy, brand category, target audience, and campaign purpose.

2. Set up purpose & strategy

The settings help you refine the results. Select a language, target audience, purpose and more.

The button which lets you generate copy

3. Generate copy

Click on "Generate" to generate copy for both your conversion-step and the thank you step.​

A chart from Triggerbee which shows the growth of subscribers and clicks

4. Publish and grow

Generate a few drafts until you have a version you can work with. Set up your audience targeting and publish your campaign!

Questions, and answers.

The AI Copywriting assistant Beesly is only available in the campaign editor. When you have selected a template and you are in the editor, you can click on the “Beesly”-tab in the top right to access the settings. 

Look through the settings and change what you feel necessary, then click on “Generate” to generate the copy. 

Beesly is trained to generate full “popup copy”. Meaning, you will always generate the text used to get people to sign up, but also the thank you text. 

Beesly is trained to generate conversion-focused copy that you use for popups, promotions, and forms built to capture email subscribers and drive membership signups. You won’t be able to use our AI assistant like you use ChatGPT for example. At the moment we do not provide free-form configuration for the settings.

There are no usage limits or restrictions for Beesly yet. Usage restrictions will most likely be applied in the future for users on certain plans.

Yes! Beesly is free to use during trial, and for all paying customers on all plans.