Bubbleroom Case

Campaign 1
Conversion Rate: >40%

Campaign 2
Conversion Rate: >2%

Pre-launch campaign

Influencer marketing is a core activity for Bubbleroom. In the lead-up to a design collaboration with the influencer Lovisa “Lojsan” Wallin, who was going to release a new collection, they successfully used a pre-launch campaign that beat all previous records. The purpose of the pre-launch campaign was to get as many people as possible to register their interest for the collection, in advance, before the official release.

The campaign went live approximately 2 weeks before the collection was available for purchase and they used 2 types of campaigns, scheduled to end the day before release.

Campaign 1 was an embedded variant, shown to everyone on the landing page.

Campaign 2 was a popup with a countdown to release, with the intention of collecting email addresses.

Bubbleroom Case
Jimmy Gök