Sales and Marketing Automation for Pipedrive

Triggerbee can identify potential prospects in your website traffic, convert visitors into leads, and automate manual sales tasks in Pipedrive. 

Pricing starts at $39 - Try free for 14 days! 

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Insights That Make You A Better Salesperson


Triggerbee visitor list

Discover new leads
Triggerbee shows you every individual visitor, which company they work for, and which page they're most interested in so you know exactly what to say when you reach out.  

Data-driven lead generation
Engage visitors and prospects with personalized offers based on their interest and activity. 

Track sales leads on your website
When a lead submits a form, Triggerbee links their email to their company so you can see when they return to your website. 

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Increase Productivity With Sales Automation

On average, a salesperson spends only 30% of their time selling. With Triggerbee you can automate manual tasks like moving deals to the next step, update contact records, and schedule tasks for your salespeople to follow up on.

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Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Sales Stack

With Triggerbee you get to keep your current tools and use the data you already have to make selling easier. 



Triggerbee widgets

Activity-based Lead Generation

Engage your prospects based on who they are and what they're interested in. Show individual offers to prospects returning to your website, or make visitors sign up for your newsletter. 

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"Triggerbee lets us work with our choice of email marketing platform and our choice of CRM. The cost paid off in the first month."
Emil Robertsson
"In only 9 months, we added more than 97,089 new subscribers to our newsletter using Triggerbee's widgets! Triggerbee has proven to be a very effective tool for collecting data from visitors coming to our online store!"
Mats Pääjärvi
Head of Ecommerce
iDeal Of Sweden
"Triggerbee is an integral part of everything we do. Our sales team can provide offers based on our leads interests, and we can understand what our website visitors do before they complete their purchase."
Martin Lundmark
Visa Uppskattning

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