Convert website visitors, Integrate with your existing marketing tools, then Automate your marketing and sales process*.

*Companies using marketing automation receive 451% more qualified leads.





This is Triggerbee


Advanced Web Analytics

See which visitors return, what your leads are doing on your website, and what peaks their interest before they even buy.


Engaging & Converting Website Visitors

Get your visitors to convert through displaying a tailored message or offer at exactly the right moment, based on their earlier actions.



Integrate Existing Tools and Automate

Once converted, you can automate the process of sending lead information into your CRM or Email system for nurturing, or letting the sales team take over. 


How does Triggerbee differ from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides a broad overview regarding the number of website visitors, and where they clicked.

Triggerbee takes this to the individual level while allowing you to connect email addresses to visitors, see their interests and even send this information to one of our many integrated services such as Pipedrive, MailChimp, or Slack to name a few.







Identify Visitors

Identify your visitors, and see their actions during a website visit.


Convert Website Visitors

Capture and engage your interested visitors through our data-driven, highly customizable widgets.


Marketing Automation

Send your leads into one of our many integration partners to continue nurturing them.



Triggerbee let us work with our choice of email marketing platform and our choice of CRM. The cost of Triggerbee paid off in the first month.
Emil Robertsson
With Triggerbees Widgets we boosted our onsite conversions for our catalogue orders. Triggerbee is an amazing conversion tool regardless of your platform.
Camilla Fridén
Web- and social media manager

If you knew more about your leads, how much more could you sell?