Triggerbee enables marketing teams to create personalized onsite messaging that converts

Triggerbee lets you generate qualified leads, personalize your website, and get closer to your customers and prospects.

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How Triggerbee works

Number 1

Identify visitors

Triggerbee will identify 30 - 80% of your visitors by monitoring your traffic channels and web forms, giving you a unified view of your customers.

Number 2

Define target audiences

Create target audiences from your website traffic. Define audiences based on your visitors digital behavior, activity and interests.

Number 3

Personalize communication

Increase your website conversions and engagement by publishing personalized messages and variants for different audiences.

Number 4

Follow up automatically

When your visitors return, you already know who they are. Now you can give welcome them based on who they are, their previous activity, and completely automatically.

Triggerbee with apps around

Get a single view of your customers

Unify your customer data across all channels, touchpoints and devices 

Identity Resolution
Audience groups

Build real-time audiences

Define audiences based on your unified customer profiles and personal traits such as activity and interests

Personalize every website interaction

Target your audiences with personalized messaging, and optimize every step of the customer journey

Privacy policy

Focus on privacy, gain loyalty

Empower your team to think privacy-first. Collect GDPR Consent, manage privacy documents and delete personal data with just a few clicks.

Integrate your marketing stack

Connect your entire marketing stack to Triggerbee to automate tasks, and to help you deliver consistent messaging across channels and devices.

Triggerbee integrations b2b-b2c

Don't let your customers wait for a better experience

Over 74% of your customers expect a personalized online experience. Are you giving them what they expect? 

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