Follow your customers from the first anonymous visit to the last purchase with Triggerbee's insights

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Audience targeting
Visitor list in Triggerbee

Empower your team with actionable insights

Detailed customer profiles

Get to know the person behind every click, and know what to do at every stage of the customer journey

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Single view

See everything about a person, from session history to important events, in one single view

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Connect anonymous activity

When a user identifies themselves, Triggerbee connects all of their previous activity to their profile.

Identity Resolution
Search filters

Quickly find your most important visitors

With over 15+ built-in search filters, it’s easy to find specific audiences with specific behavior or activity.

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Quick access

Save filters for quick access and schedule weekly email reports that automatically gives you a status update

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Optimize for conversions

Find out which channels and campaigns leads to conversions and engagement

Define audiences and segments

Use the audience builder to define audiences and segments based on behavior and personal attributes

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Advanced segments

Use personal attributes or website visitor activity to define audiences and segments

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Automatically add or remove people from your defined audiences, so you can target people who purchased within the last 30 days.

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Increased targeting accuracy

Use your defined audiences to target offers, campaigns and messages on your website.

Define audiences

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