Start Using Your CRM Data for More Than Just Newsletters

Combine first- and zero-party data from your website with your CRM data to create marketing audiences for personalization, so you can give each customer a unique experience when they visit your website.

Create personalization audiences using your existing CRM data

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Audience management
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Use your CRM in combination with first-party data from Triggerbee to create specific marketing audiences for your website. Then target your audiences with highly personalized content and promotions. 

Available criteria

Example audiences

Audience management

Share audiences across accounts

Easily share, and use your audiences across all accounts in your account group. Perfect if you sell in a lot of countries.

Combine session and CRM data

Combine session data like location, device, UTM parameters, or returning visits with your CRM data to create audiences with precision.

Start quick with templates

Use pre-made audience templates like logged in users, email subscribers, recent buyers, and more to get started quickly.

Audience management
Audience management

“Together with Triggerbee and Rule, we can give our customers a relevant experience. We can target campaigns to the right audiences and segments. Incredibly important when selling to several target audiences and having many different products.”

Track every interaction with detailed customer profiles

Store every customer’s data across multiple sessions and devices in a single profile. Always connected and synced to the same contacts in your CRM.

Audience management

Identify customers and visitors

Automatically identify visitors, subscribers, and customers on your website from logins, newsletter visits, completed purchases and form submissions.

Automatic identification

custom implementation

Man using phone and walking baby
Card showing collected data about the customer. Email phone, name, and his child's birthday.
Identified customer information. John Anderson,, last seen, first seen, and his browsing interests.

100% first-party data

Only collect 100% zero and first-party data that your users have given their permission for you to have, and use in your marketing.

Own your data

You own 100% of the data in your account and you are free to use it however you want.

Privacy-first growth

Break free from third-party cookies and future-proof your marketing by thinking privacy-first. Your customers will love you even more.


“With Triggerbee and Voyado we are able to reach the right customer to remind them about their personal offers and unused bonus points when they visit our website. “

Equip your team to create relevant customer experiences without relying on developers.


More newsletter signups


Avg identification rate


Higher onsite click through rate


Faster membership growth

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