Collect Consent From Leads and Customers

Without a consent, you're not allowed to send any marketing communication. Triggerbee Consent helps you collect, manage and document consent for every new lead and existing customer.

Pre-written Privacy Policy Templates

You will need a Privacy Policy that specifies how you store and manage personal information. Avoid expensive legal fee's and choose one of our pre-written, standardized Privacy Policy texts written by lawyers. 

Benefit From Transparency

Earn trust from visitors, leads and customers by being transparent with how you store, manage and use their personal information. Display a popup with your Privacy Policy, or link to it from your Forms.

Create a Privacy Policy in 5 Minutes or Less

With the new GDPR law from EU it's more important than ever to have a well-written Privacy Policy in place. Now you can create your own Privacy Policy in 5 minutes or less and start obtaining consent from new signups and existing customers, so you have the permission to send them marketing communication. 


Collect, Manage and Document Consent

You need consent from new subscribers and old customers if you want to be allowed to communicate to them. With Triggerbee Consent, you can collect consent from your new signups, document it, and see exactly which one of your subscribers or customers who accepted your Privacy Policy or only viewed it.




Ready-made integrations

We save all the necessary documentations regarding each Consent in your email platform, automatically.

Start collecting e-mail adresses with compliance with EU law. Clean your email database with a re-consent campaign. 




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