Black Week 2024

Exclusive data insights from Triggerbee and 160+ Nordic retailers during Black Week

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics CAMPAIGNS LIVE

Number of active Triggerbee campaigns on 163 sites

Daily visitors

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics


Total sessions during Black Week


Average visitor identification rate


+15% YoY

Peak simultaneous visitors (Black Friday)


Sessions on Black Friday

With a whopping total of 41 million sessions (5M/day), it’s clear that the worldwide inflation has not stopped curious shoppers from browsing around for their next exciting purchase.

Identification rate is the percentage-amount of visitors that Triggerbee remembers and recognises. Triggerbee needs to know who a visitor is and their previous browsing and purchase activity in order for you to be able to target them with tailored content. 

Triggerbee automatically identifies your visitors when they sign up in a form or click in your emails. This capability enables you to personalize one-to-one communication on your website based on all the attributes in your CRM and purchasing activity.

Visitor statistics

Campaign impressions


Campaign impressions per day during Black Week (on average).


+73% YoY

Total campaign impressions during Black Week

Triggerbee campaigns garnered 69 million total impressions, or 8,6 million per day, during Black Week. During Black Week, all bets are off. 

Additionally, a lot of brands saw the value in adding countdown timers, which injects FOMO into your campaigns. Black Week is a limited annual event, making it the perfect opportunity to use timers in pre-launch campaigns and during the whole event.

Daily campaign impressions

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics

Campaign layout distribution

Popup: 38%
(+33% more popups than usual)
Panel: 31%
(+58% more panels than usual)
Embedded: 27%
(-41% less embeds than usual)

Published campaigns

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics

4 320

Peak live campaigns on Black Friday

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics

3 748

Avg campaigns live during Black Week

Campaign statistics

Signups and conversions


Daily signups (Black Week average)


Total Black Week signups

A massive sale like Black Week is a great opportunity to have visitors sign up to your newsletter or loyalty program. With 222 490 total signups during Black Week this year, Triggerbee’s customers has seen a MASSIVE growth of new newsletter signups, members and contacts. 

But it shouldn’t stop there. Keep nurturing your customers even after the event is over. In fact, why not target people who missed out on using their offers even after Black Week is over?

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics


of all campaigns were signup forms

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics


of all campaigns were promotions

Daily signups and conversions

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics

Black Friday Activity

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics


Signups per minute

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics

38 198

Total signups

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics

2 705

Coupon codes copied 

Black Friday campaign stats

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics


Average Signup Rate during Black Friday

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics


Average campaign CTR during Black Friday



of campaigns contained a countdown timer

Signups and conversions

Devices used


Mobile sessions during Black Week


Desktop sessions during Black Week

The absolute majority of activity during Black Week and Black Friday happened on a mobile device.

It’s interesting to see how the mobile traffic spiked on Black Friday, while the desktop traffic barely increased in comparison. 


Sessions per device

Triggerbee Black Week in the Nordics


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