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With Triggerbee you get everything you need to gently nudge your visitors during the customer journey with personalized offers, promotions, and incentives that increase sales - just like in a real store.


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Triggerbee - Track eCommerce visitors and digital behavior

A few companies using Triggerbee

ecommerce customersEcommerce customers

1:1 Personalization Across the Entire Customer Journey

 Identify, understand, and market to people in your audience based on where they are in the customer journey with Triggerbees real-time personalization engine





Email subscriber




Bargain hunters

Bargain Hunters

Create Individually Tailored Shopping Experiences

If you don't know who your website visitors are, you can't market to them. Triggerbee detects who your website visitors are and where they come from in real-time, so you can give every visitor and subscriber a personal shopping experience.

Triggerbee detects who your visitors are so you can personalize what they see

How Triggerbee Boosts Sales


Build Your Audience

Build a responsive, profitable email list
Publish high-converting widgets on your website and build your email list on autopilot. 

Increase your social following
Build your social following at the same time you're collecting emails. 

Target offers based on identity
Target specific segments in your audience like logged out customers or subscribers who are interested in "Shoes". 

Triggerbee Tribe Builder - Build your audience and social following


Increase Engagement

Reduce abandoned carts
Proactively address objections or give away incentives during the checkout process to minimize the risk of losing a potential customer.

Referral and influencer campaigns New!
Greet referral traffic with a "nudge" shown only for visitors coming from a specific link or website.

Exit intent offers
Recover lost sales opportunities on your landing pages and during the checkout process with a perfectly timed offer that appears right before a visitor is about to leave your website.

Triggerbee Widget - Campaign targeting


Hassle-free Data and Contact Management

Keep data in sync
Triggerbee automatically syncs the website behavior of your identified contacts with your integrated email services

Automatic workflows
Create automatic workflows that add subscribers or updates information in your integrated systems. 

Robust data architecture
Create visitor filters and segments in your visitor list to uncover valuable insights about how your visitors, subscribers, and customers interact with your online store. 

Triggerbee integrates with all your systems

"In only 9 months we added more than 97,089 new subscribers to our newsletter using Triggerbee's widgets. Triggerbee has proven to be a very effective tool for collecting data about visitors coming to our online shop"

Mats Pääjärvi - Head of Ecommerce at iDeal of Sweden


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Popular Features

Triggerbee converts more visitors to subscribers, and help you nurture existing customers when they come back to your website. Here are the features that make Triggerbee one of the most powerful conversion and engagement platforms for online stores.

Create Forms That Are Proven to Increase Conversion

Get full creative freedom over your message and branding when creating your forms.

Checkmark 100% mobile friendly

Checkmark Google friendly

Checkmark 15+ templates

Triggerbee widget - 10% off on your first purchase

Show Personalized Offers Based on Users' Behavior

Triggerbee's powerful real-time personalization engine lets you show tailored offers and messages based on behavior, identity and more.

Checkmark Audience-level targeting

Checkmark Behavior targeting

Checkmark HTML, Cookie and Javascript conditions

This area is personalized for you!

100% GDPR Compliant

You need your subscriber's permission to store their personal information. With Triggerbee Consent it's easy to build a GDPR Compliant email list.

Checkmark Full consent documentation

Checkmark Privacy policy generator

Checkmark Collect consent from your own forms

Triggerbee Consent

Common Use Cases

Triggerbee's Widgets are proven to increase customer engagement, conversions, sales, and website engagement.

Run Giveaways and Contests

Engage your customers and potential customers with a giveaway, collect emails from potential customers.

Average conversion rate34,7%

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Reduce abandoned carts by answering critical questions during checkout before your visitor leaves your website.

Average conversion rate8,2%

Referral and Influencer Campaigns New!

Show a personal "nudge" to visitors coming from social media to increase the chance of making a sale.

Average conversion rate9,1%

Grow Your Email List and Social Following New!

Ask subscribers to follow you on Instagram and enter their email address to receive a coupon code.

Average conversion rate3,2%

Boost Customer Loyalty

Delight existing customers by offering early access to upcoming product releases or the black friday sale.

Average conversion rate6,1%

Grow Your Newsletter List

Triggerbee's widgets make it easy to build a responsive, fully GDPR compliant email list.

Average conversion rate3,9%

Powerful Targeting Abilities


Triggerbee - Exit Intent

Exit Intent

Triggerbee - Audience targeting

Audience-based targeting

Triggerbee - Page level targeting

Page-level targeting

Triggerbee - Scroll

Page scroll

Triggerbee - UTM Campaign targeting

UTM Campaign

Triggerbee - Onside behavior

Onsite Behavior

Triggerbee - Identified and unidentified


Triggerbee - HTML Javascript and Cookies

HTML, Cookie, Javascript conditions

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