Free Ecommerce Tools

Free Ecommerce Tools

Speed up and simplify your tasks as an ecommerce marketer with the tools below,
including an Email NPS generator, Bulk Coupon generator and Black Friday ROI calculator.

Bulk Coupon Generator

This free coupon code generator creates thousands of unique codes to copy/export for use in e-commerce platforms.

Email NPS Generator

Generate your own NPS survey for Mailchimp, Gmail, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, and all other email clients. 

Conversion Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to find out what your conversion rate is by entering the amount of visitors and purchases you have.

CAC Calculator

Use this calculator to easily find out what your CAC is for your ongoing or completed marketing campaigns.

E-commerce Calculator

Use this E-commerce calculator to see how your online shop compares to the average in your industry.

A/B Test Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how long you need to run your A/B test to get statistically significant results.

Retail Marketing Calendar

This Nordic retail marketing calendar contains major dates and opportunities to keep track of during the year.

...more coming soon