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The agency for you who want to strengthen your brand digitally and create user experiences of the future

Camelonta is a digital agency that combines web development and digital marketing. Camelonta is passionate about creating technical solutions, user-centered design and visual communication.

Camelonta has been an expert on Triggerbee for several years and can help you on both a strategic and operational level to get the most out of marketing automation and conversion optimization in general and Triggerbee in particular.

There are three teams within Camelonta who, together with their customers, shape and create digital solutions and experiences.

  • Business team with CEO, business developer and project manager for business and project-related issues.
  • Experience team with experts in creative content, user-centered design and digital communication.
  • Development team with frontend, backend and full-stack talents who all have different special interests in technology.
Camelonta has been working since 2001 to create a successful digital presence and accessibility.
We have a market-leading position in our niche in Scandinavia and are now expanding into new international markets.