About Norce

Since 2003, Norce has been an innovative technology, strategy and knowledge partner who is passionate about your success in all channels.
With Norce, you get a powerful Software as a Service platform that gets you to market fast. For you as an e-tailer, it means your e-commerce is cloud-based and always running on the latest version, with the latest technology. Norce is completely headless and API-driven, which opens up the possibility to create a front-end experience where design and functionality is fully customized to your needs and preferences.
Norce works with GraphQL which allows you to build your front-end with the best possible modern technology, such as React or Vue. Our large ecosystem of partners allows you, the merchant, to choose the solutions that best suit your e-commerce needs. Norce plays an active role in developing your online business to help you achieve your goals.


Felix is a self-taught marketer and the head of marketing at Triggerbee. He is specialized in SEO, content marketing and copywriting. Outside of work you can find him playing with his son, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries.

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Ecommerce software

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Ecommerce, B2B, B2C