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$39 /mo

 250 identified contacts

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Website tracking

Website Visitor Tracking
Track individual visitors and identify companies on your website.

sales lead tracking

Sales Lead Tracking
Track the behavior and interest of your prospects.

Sign up forms

Sign-up Forms
Convert anonymous visitors into leads with sign-up forms.

Website Personalization
Personalize offers and messages on your website


Eliminate manual tasks and make your team more productive.

Automatic workflows

Eliminate manual tasks and make your team more productive.

friendly support

Human, Friendly Support
Our support team is happy to help when you need it.


Frequently asked questions

What's a contact and how does it affect my price plan?

A contact is a person that Triggerbee can identify. For example, if someone visits one of your landing pages and submits a form that reveals their identity, that person is considered a contact.

Can I use Triggerbee on more than one website?

Yes, you can. However, the $39 plan is limited to only one domain. If you'd like to add more domains you can purchase the growth or enterprise plan. 

Can I send emails through Triggerbee?

No, you can't. We can track your subscribers if they click-through to your website from an email campaign, and you can trigger emails from Mandrill. But, Triggerbee is not an email system.

If I need help, who do I contact?

Go to and create a ticket or read through our knowledge base. We'll try to help you as soon as possible.