Small Business CX Awards

Nominate a small e-commerce company with less than €10 million euros in annual revenue, that offers an amazing customer experience. 

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What is the Nordic Small Business CX Award?

The Small Business Award is a prestigious recognition given to Nordic e-commerce and online retailers with annual revenues below €10 million Euros (100 MSEK). The aim is to honor the hard-working small businesses that go the extra mile to create a customer experience capable of competing with the giants.

To be eligible for the award, a company must have annual revenues below €10 million Euros. They must also have essential technologies in place for communicating across various channels. Companies must be nominated to compete for the award.

An evaluation and multichannel analysis are conducted for each company. Finally, the companies are judged on how well they 1) collect data about their customers, 2) use this data to enhance the customer experience, and 3) maintain relevant communication with their customers.

Sponsored by  Småbolagspriset

Nominees 2024

Smarta sakerGadgets
PenstoreArts & Creative
GeggamojaChildren and family
GrandpaClothing and Fashion
GentsBeauty and personal care
SWIMSClothing and Fashion
FlowlifeSport and health
Frank DandyClothing and Fashion
Miss MaryClothing and Fashion
Swedish tonicFood
ArkivetClothing and Fashion
MockbergJewellery and accessories
Green Little HeartHållbara produkter
OngoalSports and health
Waldor & CoJewellery and accessories
Local RuleActivewear
Sisterly TribeActivewear
11hektar.seSustainable products
GjordnäraHome and garden
Reunion HomeClothing and Fashion
Care of GerdBeauty and personal care
HarmoniqBeauty and personal care